• DAW (DesignArtWork) was founded in 2015 from Seoul, Korea.

  • DAW is an art & design agent/consulting firm that provides East meets West and West meets East.  Artists and designers coincide with commercial platform with limited edition products and exhibitions as the boundaries between art and design and also, commercial products and art are blurring the boundaries, more so, today.

  • DAW provides wide spectrum of platforms under the vision of introducing designs to provide the unique, creative and artful life style to our clients who are young at heart, trendy, hip and open-minded audiences know how to enjoy living with art and design, and appreciate its beauty and function.


  • Introducing artistic designs and designable arts to provide the unique, creative and artful lifestyle to the wider audiences.


  • Raising the audiences’ awareness of art and design aspect in a wider spectrum.


  • Exhibiting local and international design-related artistic shows.

  • Promoting a variety of designs from the West and East by introducing limited editions and its content

  • Reaching out a wide audience to enjoy and appreciate artful designs with affordable prices

  • Providing “design for quality life style” and “art is easy & fun” related educational programs